The White Fiver

An iconic banknote, the ‘white fiver’ was first issued by the Bank of England in 1793 and remained in circulation virtually unchanged for over 150 years until being finally withdrawn in 1961. Its elegantly simple design, printed in black ink on pure cotton rag paper, has a stylish appeal that endures to this day.

A Noteworthy Look

Taking inspiration from such a distinctive design, the MarGin label reflects both the sophisticated style of the white fiver banknote and a 170 year distilling heritage that makes London Dry Gin famous the world over.

A Noteworthy Taste

Expertly crafted, this premium artisanal gin captures the quintessence of the British ‘white fiver’. Cool, crisp and dry, it is infused with Cotton Lavender, Pink Hyssop and Juniper, harking back to a time of traditional paper money in an age of digital currency.

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